Sunday, January 22, 2012

solar shenanigans

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

SOPA muh ass...


 Today is 'Black Wednesday', a day of protest (mostly online) against a new law that is supposedly an anti-piracy via censorship bill before congress. The bill ( H.R. 3261 ) plans to censor websites at the DNS (ALL YOUR URLS ARE BELONG TO US) level if they violate any of what seems to be a very broad set of rules (guess who's the Decider nao?). Is it gonna stop online-piracy? Nope. Theft? Wrong again. A cached DNS record could just simply be served up anyways, or alternative name servers would inevitably pop-up, and of course systems such as TOR, i2p, or even good ole' IRC (lolwut?) DCC is capable of a DNS-less tcp/ip file-transfers. 
 The main target is any site that has someone's IP (read: Imaginary Property) or even links (what about promote?) to a site that someone, somewhere, claims houses this ill-gotten lucre. It seems anyone who ever posts lolcats on facebook, IS TOTALLY SCREWED. Hopefully they will be too busy shining their new commitie placards and planing how to sell us on an invasion of Iran to get your ass V& for your secret stash cuteness-crack pix; however the RIAA and MPAA seem to have *VERY* active imaginations when it comes to property.

 At least can we have another mindless committee in our government to protect the same people that fist-pumped snooky into our collective conscience all the while crafting what seems to be an endless assualt on any kind of collaborative human activity that isn't monitored, tokenised, monetized, and then probably filed w/ DHS who puts extra "please harrass me" marks on your ticket because you had the audacity to question the validity of an argument based on the real or imagined threat of in flight peanut butter in some online forum and this is just the last straw, you heathen. 

 This means that every employer or university will have to police their employees and students communications to prevent sharing of information. Of course we are hard at work here and way ahead of schedule. Good thing Someone must get a job outta this (remember those?) and perhaps even a shiny new placard too. 

BONUS: tell people to use a script blocked like NoScript for Firefox or NotSripts for Chrome to block the javascript code to use these sites like wikipedia.