Friday, May 25, 2007

Jesus makes a rare appearance for San Antonio man!


" People have seen Jesus' image in a lot of places — in a pan, on a window, in a tree — but now a Floresville man says an image of Jesus has landed on his car "

Call me bat-shit crazy, gods or no gods withstanding; this is the best miracle I have heard about in a long time. Just think... the Lord Gawd Almighty ® saw it fit to bless Texas with his own hand and graciously smear his love all over this homeland of our president! You probably think that this blessing of avian excrement wasn't intended for the same guy that is ransacking this planet that he believes was handed to him on a silver platter by his vindictive deity. Well your wrong.

You should know better than that. Of course our favorite old man in the sky, with his zombie son in tow of course, would bestow this "spiritual gift" upon him at the Rose Garden! He is the decider , and has decided that since he is on a mission from god, he should authorize some "non lethal" CIA covert operations surreptitious gospel spreading in Iran. I think he needs to find some thing to keep him busy, idle hands are the Devil's Workshop!