Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Pantech/Lunar Design Pivot Cellphone Concept

Pantech/Lunar Design Pivot Cellphone Concept: "Although this looks more like an alarm clock or a desk phone rather than a cellphone, the concept phone is really supposed to fold up and fit into your pocket. The device has a swiveling screen that allows you to prop it up to angle it at your face when you're making a speakerphone call. The screen will also be used for video-conferencing, which again is made easier thanks to the prop-up-pivot

This looks like an interesting design mockup, but still has a lot of bugs to work out before it can come anywhere near production. Which is a shame, because we hate holding and angling our cellphones when we're making a speakerphone call. Isn't speakerphone supposed to keep your hands free so you can do other stuff—eat, blog—while you call? – Jason Chen

Cell PHones of the Future [BusinessWeek via TechEBlog via Sci Fi Tech]


Sanyo Katana 2?

Sanyo Katana 2?: "We got this blurry phone pic from a reader that claims it's the sequel to the Katana phone offered by Sanyo on Sprint. Tentatively titled the 'Katana 2', the phone will still be on Sprint, but curiously, has a Samsung badge on the inside. The reader couldn't explain why, and neither can we. Strange indeed. – Jason Chen