Saturday, August 05, 2006

How to get Traffic by attacking other Bloggers.

I think this a great point of discussion for those of us just getting into blogging. The number of feeds I read keeps growing greater and greater, however this also increases the noise to signal ratio. In other words, with all these people posting just to be posting content is really starting to make it difficult to weed out the REAL tasty bits of information on the Internet. What worries me is the ethics of some who just link bait just to obtain traffic and not to contribute anything of value.

LEGO my Reality!

Legos have always been a staple in the prototyping phase of many of my real world projects. Growing up, I have a few large tupperware boxes of these nifty  little building blocks in which to create everything from evil robots to happy island
resorts. It's so nice to see that LEGO culture continues to evolve.

This however is something that I never envisioned! An M.C. Escher woodcut  reproduced in this novel medium. It's is one of many creations that will get those creative juices pumping for your next other worldly masterpiece.