Wednesday, July 26, 2006

is this the end of FUD to ensue!

It totaly looks like a linkfarm now

Mordours Pizza; to eat it is to love it

Mordour's, a new 5pm to 5am coffee and pizza place. They deliver. In this day and age in a college town, you would think they would cater to the largest segment of the populace. But there is a new hope. Mordours Pizza and Gourmet Coffee! 5pm to 5am delivery $10 minimum, $2 delivery charge and the best damn 16" supreme pizza that almost gave my wife an orgasm (I'm not kidding she was panting and whining).

Phone number: (479)443-2627 @ Colt Square in Fayetteville

In short, go there ; order from there, frequently. If I lose this place because you fucking scabs don't help me keep this place in bushiness ; I will personally come to your home and shit in your fridge. Right in the post roast, next to the cheese, and in front of your dog. You will be doing your self a favor.