Friday, January 20, 2006

Attention whore-mongers! I have a new cat and his name is Cthulhu. For those of you who do not know who Cthulhu is: The Home Page for Evil And here´s a relevant pic:

Straight from the Jackass´s hole, Johnny Knoxville has reached the lofty echelon of profiteering! The latest installment is where he is doing a ¨Payback Film¨ to atone for all the mindless masturbatory regurgitations that made him an iconoclast for sexualy frustrated pre-teen males everywhere. This turd waiting to hit water has actually attained the backing of the Special Olympics; hell, they are even ADVERTISING IT. What happened to the days when you could make a movie that was not some recycled idea from an 80´s ¨comming of age¨ film that was doomed to obscurity in the first place? Of course, Knoxville has had his moments (e.g. The bottle rockets out the ass made feel fuzzy inside)... but do these people REALLY belive that dragging the moron kicking and screaming from his tiny homoerotic crag at MTV headquarters long enough to prance around with the a bunch of tater-tot lovers for a couple of hours is going to make him into the image that an international organization needs? I think not. Now your probably thinking: ¨Golly, what could be so bad about Knoxville doing this film?¨ Simple. He whored himself out once, and now the only thing to change is his facade. As long a people keep shelling out bucks for this muck, that´s what we will keep getting. Slurp it down bitches, and don´t forget to swallow!

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