Thursday, January 19, 2006

For those of you who didn't know yet... We are ALL to soon be the proud owners of a new National ID Card ( send your mark of the beast comments to /dev/null). Of course THIS we surly make FAR more secure against terrorism! I mean just the other day I was on my way to class when a turban topped zealot stopped me and asked "Pardon me decadent westerner, which way to the nearest Federal building?". Now I ALMOST told him until when I carded him I noticed that behind the Sentex duct-tapped to him, his wallet not only didn't have a REAL ID but his Al-Queda membership was expired. Naturally I couldn't let this slip past my highly attenuated terror alert yellow ( Terror Alert Level) senses. All I had to do was get the attention of a group of armed guards strip searching someone's grandmother, fill out the appropriate paper work in triplicate, and talk to the translator so he could inform our bomb-wearing antagonist that since he isn't American, his rights will not be tread upon.
LINK: Schneier on Security: REAL ID Harder Than Legislators Thought

Well, after a short absence I am now back to tackle the aimless flopping of your half-ape brains. The reason you ask? I got engaged and had some err... THINGS to keep me busy :) None the less I am back to spoon feed a gallon of sugar coated knowledge into those shot-glass heads of yours! Let the games begin!

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