Monday, October 30, 2006

net neutrality is under (yet another) attack

BetaNews | UN Conference Convenes on Net Control

At a conference in Greece aimed at continuing the discussion over who should control the Internet, the United Nations once again renewed calls for diminishing the U.S. government's influence over ICANN. Additionally, an UN official said parties were growing tired of the argument that most did not understand the need for U.S. control.

International Telecommunications Union Secretary General Yoshio Utsumi said that no matter what has been said before or has been agreed upon, no one "can eternally claim they are the best." However, the most critical governments -- including Cuba, Iran and China -- are some of the most oppressive when it comes to free speech.
Can we really trust the same people who lead us into war with the great responsibility of regulating the last truly open form of communication?

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