Monday, September 04, 2006

Perhaps Pyrroh was right all along.

Pyrroh of Ellis, student of Socrates, and founder of skepticism once argued that one must doubt everything unless empirically proven to be true. Of course this cannot be used in practice as the anecdote about him nearly getting squashed by a run-away cart while suspending judgment about whether or not he should believe his own eyes.

In this day and age what we perceive is hardly ever true. With advertising, SPAM, SEO moguls, propaganda, and , of course, blatant lies everywhere the signal to noise ratio is very abysmal indeed.

Photos: Pictures that lie | CNET

Just remember Plato's thoughts on whether or WYSIWYG: "These Passing shadows we call reality provide only the merest hints of an invisible truth."

Yet Another Google tool! [yay]

From those who want to organize the world's and make it universally available , comes the Google Book Search . It allows you to search through countless books (some complete others not) and view them right on that inter-web-thingy. Free, informative, and even useful. This will be a great boon for students and professionals alike, Kudos Google Team!