Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The propaganda mill is running full tilt!

The new movie Miami Vice is more of the Glorious War On Drugs. According to Patricia Schwarz , a Salon.com contributor, :

Back under Asa Hutchinson, the DEA held a secret meeting at tbe Beverly Hills Hotel with producers including Michael Mann and other Hollywood types known to be sympathic to the war on drugs.

The purpose of the meeting was to convince the film industry to produce content that would stimulate flagging public support for the DEA and the war on drugs.

To get producers interested, the DEA offered a previously unheard of level of access to their undercover agents, technology and operations in the war.

That's what makes this movie so special -- Mann had more direct access to the DEA than he's ever had before in his career.

Of course the reason the DEA gave this unprecedented level of access was to encourage the production of pro-DEA propaganda.

Unfortunately, Stephanie's review gave no clue whatsoever whether the DEA accomplished their goal with this film.

Now what does this all mean to John Q. Public? It means that they know that the only way to convince us all of the evils of drugs (especially marijuana ) is to show us that  cops are cool. Specifically puppy killing and floral print shirts makes you even cooler! Boycott this film. 

On a personal note: At what point did we give the okay for the government to put a lid on media whenever it affects "National Security" ? Hmm... This sounds so familiar... More on this later. Isn't that the same reason they listen to all our phone calls and emails? Disco. So in other words: if you say the wrong thing on the phone, in your blog, or even in print and television you violate National Security and therefore need to be put in Cuba with the other terrorists. This reeks of McCarthy with just a hint of Rove.

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