Monday, October 30, 2006

Grab your ankles and kiss your ass goodbye.

Bush Moves Toward Martial Law : SF Indymedia

October 17th, 2006, in a private Oval Office ceremony, allows the President to declare a "public emergency" and station troops anywhere in America and take control of state-based National Guard units without the consent of the governor or local authorities, in order to "suppress public disorder."

Other choice pieces:
For the current President, "enforcement of the laws to restore public
" means to commandeer guardsmen from any state, over the
of local governmental, military and local police entities;
ship them off to another state; conscript them in a law enforcement
mode; and set them loose against "disorderly" citizenry - protesters,
possibly, or those who object to forced vaccinations and quarantines in
the event of a bio-terror event.
The law also facilitates militarized police round-ups and detention of
protesters, so called "illegal aliens," "potential terrorists" and
other "undesirables" for detention in facilities already contracted for
and under construction by Halliburton. That's right. Under the cover of
a trumped-up "immigration emergency" and the frenzied militarization of
the southern border, detention camps are being constructed right under
our noses
, camps designed for anyone who resists the foreign and
domestic agenda of the Bush administration.
*shits self*

oh Baby your so "talented"!

girl who pretends to eat her cat

Her name is Nakagawa Shoko. She eats pussy, and lots of it.

net neutrality is under (yet another) attack

BetaNews | UN Conference Convenes on Net Control

At a conference in Greece aimed at continuing the discussion over who should control the Internet, the United Nations once again renewed calls for diminishing the U.S. government's influence over ICANN. Additionally, an UN official said parties were growing tired of the argument that most did not understand the need for U.S. control.

International Telecommunications Union Secretary General Yoshio Utsumi said that no matter what has been said before or has been agreed upon, no one "can eternally claim they are the best." However, the most critical governments -- including Cuba, Iran and China -- are some of the most oppressive when it comes to free speech.
Can we really trust the same people who lead us into war with the great responsibility of regulating the last truly open form of communication?

consume bitches!

The Man, The Car, The end is nigh.

*stomach churns*

i <3 jebus!!!!

and you thought cristains had no talent!

Monday, October 02, 2006

another paedo is about to go on the run...

hmmm sounds kinda like this

Monday, September 04, 2006

Perhaps Pyrroh was right all along.

Pyrroh of Ellis, student of Socrates, and founder of skepticism once argued that one must doubt everything unless empirically proven to be true. Of course this cannot be used in practice as the anecdote about him nearly getting squashed by a run-away cart while suspending judgment about whether or not he should believe his own eyes.

In this day and age what we perceive is hardly ever true. With advertising, SPAM, SEO moguls, propaganda, and , of course, blatant lies everywhere the signal to noise ratio is very abysmal indeed.

Photos: Pictures that lie | CNET

Just remember Plato's thoughts on whether or WYSIWYG: "These Passing shadows we call reality provide only the merest hints of an invisible truth."

Yet Another Google tool! [yay]

From those who want to organize the world's and make it universally available , comes the Google Book Search . It allows you to search through countless books (some complete others not) and view them right on that inter-web-thingy. Free, informative, and even useful. This will be a great boon for students and professionals alike, Kudos Google Team!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Pantech/Lunar Design Pivot Cellphone Concept

Pantech/Lunar Design Pivot Cellphone Concept: "Although this looks more like an alarm clock or a desk phone rather than a cellphone, the concept phone is really supposed to fold up and fit into your pocket. The device has a swiveling screen that allows you to prop it up to angle it at your face when you're making a speakerphone call. The screen will also be used for video-conferencing, which again is made easier thanks to the prop-up-pivot

This looks like an interesting design mockup, but still has a lot of bugs to work out before it can come anywhere near production. Which is a shame, because we hate holding and angling our cellphones when we're making a speakerphone call. Isn't speakerphone supposed to keep your hands free so you can do other stuff—eat, blog—while you call? – Jason Chen

Cell PHones of the Future [BusinessWeek via TechEBlog via Sci Fi Tech]


Sanyo Katana 2?

Sanyo Katana 2?: "We got this blurry phone pic from a reader that claims it's the sequel to the Katana phone offered by Sanyo on Sprint. Tentatively titled the 'Katana 2', the phone will still be on Sprint, but curiously, has a Samsung badge on the inside. The reader couldn't explain why, and neither can we. Strange indeed. – Jason Chen


Saturday, August 12, 2006

More Insurance Games.

"This is getting really old quick", I said to my self. However there is hope on the horizion! Here is a site that does wonderful things in the way of a nice, easy to navigate, and effective tool for getting the best insurance money can buy.

Compare Insurance Quotes and Save!

more linky goodness

Dakota Tundra Directory

Dakota Tundra Directory - Submit Link

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Playing the quote game

Can be very confusing. Every once and a while, I like to see just how much lower my rates could be. Here is a site that I found to make it the whole process far easier.

Resources to find auto insurance quote information.

So lets say your in Cleveland, Ohio, 44101.  All you need to do  is chuck  in your Zip and away you go!  A list of several competing companies  will be right there at your finger tips.

Enter the call of tomorrow.

Sometimes you need  a way to get out  of that meeting, or an uncomfortable  dinner date. This site here is the answer to your needs. Just enter a time, a number to call, a CID number, and a time; then POOF! Use it for reminders or even for a little prank on your friends.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

How to get Traffic by attacking other Bloggers.

I think this a great point of discussion for those of us just getting into blogging. The number of feeds I read keeps growing greater and greater, however this also increases the noise to signal ratio. In other words, with all these people posting just to be posting content is really starting to make it difficult to weed out the REAL tasty bits of information on the Internet. What worries me is the ethics of some who just link bait just to obtain traffic and not to contribute anything of value.

LEGO my Reality!

Legos have always been a staple in the prototyping phase of many of my real world projects. Growing up, I have a few large tupperware boxes of these nifty  little building blocks in which to create everything from evil robots to happy island
resorts. It's so nice to see that LEGO culture continues to evolve.

This however is something that I never envisioned! An M.C. Escher woodcut  reproduced in this novel medium. It's is one of many creations that will get those creative juices pumping for your next other worldly masterpiece.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Supermarket Wine Shopping?

In highly competitive world of wineries, It can be hard to find that happy medium of price vs. quality. Here is a nice source to help with the selection process.

Supermarket Wine - An easy way to find recommended wine at your supermarket. The site lists wines on sale in supermarkets which have been reviewed and recommended by experts in the national press. Users can rate each wine and leave their own reviews.

You should have paid attention in ENGL 1003.

I personally can’t wait for our Italian Powered Genital Overlords!
Independent Sources » Blog Archive » The top 10 unintentionally worst company URLs

The Lesser Of Two Evils.

I just can not understand why it is so difficult for these "representatives of the people" to take the their peoples' welfare into consideration without the need to fill their gullets with the very same bile they fling at one another.

BBC NEWS | Business | Senate blocks minimum wage rise

Senate blocks minimum wage rise
Democratic Senators have voted to block a measure that would have increased the US minimum wage from its current level of $5.15 (£2.80) an hour.

The bill, already passed by the US House of Representatives, would have raised wage levels to $7.25 by 2010.

But Democrats were unhappy that it was tied to a Republican plan to cut inheritance taxes paid by the rich.

The Republican-led Senate did not gain the 60 votes needed to enable final congressional passage of the package.

Opponents of the joint bill had previously said they were not expecting the bill to gain approval in the Senate.

'Fattest cats'

On 30 July, the House of Representatives voted in favour of increasing the minimum wage from the existing hourly rate of $5.15 to $7.25 by the middle of 2009.

But the bill also included plans to cut estate taxes, which are a form of inheritance tax levied when a property transfers from one person to another following a death.

Republicans say small businesses and farmers would benefit.

But many economists argue that expanding the estate tax benefit would only serve a small slice of the US population, who are already rich.

"The Republicans can get 6.6 million Americans an increase in their basic minimum wage, as long as we promised that the fattest cats in America would get a great big bowl of tax cuts," said Senator Richard Durbin of Illinois, the second-ranking Democrat in the Senate.
Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2006/08/04 09:19:51 GMT

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The propaganda mill is running full tilt!

The new movie Miami Vice is more of the Glorious War On Drugs. According to Patricia Schwarz , a contributor, :

Back under Asa Hutchinson, the DEA held a secret meeting at tbe Beverly Hills Hotel with producers including Michael Mann and other Hollywood types known to be sympathic to the war on drugs.

The purpose of the meeting was to convince the film industry to produce content that would stimulate flagging public support for the DEA and the war on drugs.

To get producers interested, the DEA offered a previously unheard of level of access to their undercover agents, technology and operations in the war.

That's what makes this movie so special -- Mann had more direct access to the DEA than he's ever had before in his career.

Of course the reason the DEA gave this unprecedented level of access was to encourage the production of pro-DEA propaganda.

Unfortunately, Stephanie's review gave no clue whatsoever whether the DEA accomplished their goal with this film.

Now what does this all mean to John Q. Public? It means that they know that the only way to convince us all of the evils of drugs (especially marijuana ) is to show us that  cops are cool. Specifically puppy killing and floral print shirts makes you even cooler! Boycott this film. 

On a personal note: At what point did we give the okay for the government to put a lid on media whenever it affects "National Security" ? Hmm... This sounds so familiar... More on this later. Isn't that the same reason they listen to all our phone calls and emails? Disco. So in other words: if you say the wrong thing on the phone, in your blog, or even in print and television you violate National Security and therefore need to be put in Cuba with the other terrorists. This reeks of McCarthy with just a hint of Rove.

Google Goodness: Free Invites [w00t]

Google's beta services have always been highly selective, at least since gmail first came out. But here is your chance to try out the two new services from Google Labs called Gsheet (an online spreadsheet) and Writely (a M$ Word work-alike). After trying these out even a hardened Linux zealot like myself can appreciate the usefulness of being able to collaborate with MS users online. True OpenOffice has more features and  and is  allready cross platform; but have you ever tried to  get one of those users  who does  EVERYTHING in an Excel spreadsheet to even consider using  anything  else? Give it a shot!

Gsheet / Writely


Bored? Feeling nostalgic perhaps?
Check out these great golden oldies from the black and white era!
Keep these great submissions coming folks!
Television Commercials (1950s-1960s) - Google Video

Television Commercials (1950s-1960s)

SubVersion 'nuff said.

SubVersion has to be one of the greatest software systems around. As a programmer I have had gotten a lot of mileage out of it. However this seems to be a growing trend among many to start using revision management software for all sorts of uses. I like the idea of people getting organized for it's own sake. Really now at least half of the crap that comes through my filters is disjunct, unrelated, utter mindlessness. If only more people would remember that not everyone can read their messy minds for the content the were trying to convey; we wouldn't need this sort of thing. But I digress, Read this great HowTo on lifehacker  for some SV goodness.

Quality time with the wife.

The posts have been rather skimpy as of late. reasons for this are as follows:

  • broke my leg
  • spending time with the wife
  • moving my office
Under the heading of quality time we sat naked in the bare floor drooling and listening to take on me and  giggling like maniacs to a loop of Chris Griffin
from family guy; were trying to find the hidden meanings in a creepy Charles Manson kind of way.

The following diagram explains it all:

Mordours updates!

Good news cretins! It appears that Mordours has added a line of rather tasty pasteries. Consume Bitches. Consume well.
Contemporaneous Epithet: Mordours Pizza; to eat it is to love it

Monetizing can be a serious bitch.

I have been hacking at this template to get a decent weblog going for like a  week now. This is research for an e-book (or possibly a series) on how to startup a profitable blog from the ground up without investing a single dime. check back often to see a few tips and tricks.

Friday, July 28, 2006

More Google goodness.

I think the core of this subject is great, however the wording should be altered for ethics' sake. All in all I think it is a wondrous thing for the small to enterprise level businesses to keep their finger on the pulse ( I am a small business owner my self) of their clients as well as the competition. Overall this is a great article on utilizing a neato hack. This combined with  gmail rss feeds could be a powerful tool for instant mineable data. Read on for more.

Using Google Alerts for Intelligence Gathering
Spy on Your Competitors

Every business has a competitor. More likely, you have several direct competitors and several more indirect competitors. While regularly checking out their websites is an important part of the process, it doesn't paint the whole picture. A competitor's website is very much crafted to the image that they want to portray to their customers. This is great if you want to know what their latest sale is or how much their new product costs, but it isn't likely to feature a negative review in last Sunday's newspaper. That's where Google Alerts comes in. By simply setting up a News, Groups, and search alert for each of your competitors, you will know what other people are saying about your competition both the media and consumers, both good and bad.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

is this the end of FUD to ensue!

It totaly looks like a linkfarm now

Mordours Pizza; to eat it is to love it

Mordour's, a new 5pm to 5am coffee and pizza place. They deliver. In this day and age in a college town, you would think they would cater to the largest segment of the populace. But there is a new hope. Mordours Pizza and Gourmet Coffee! 5pm to 5am delivery $10 minimum, $2 delivery charge and the best damn 16" supreme pizza that almost gave my wife an orgasm (I'm not kidding she was panting and whining).

Phone number: (479)443-2627 @ Colt Square in Fayetteville

In short, go there ; order from there, frequently. If I lose this place because you fucking scabs don't help me keep this place in bushiness ; I will personally come to your home and shit in your fridge. Right in the post roast, next to the cheese, and in front of your dog. You will be doing your self a favor.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

well he was named after the anti-christ.

I like the part where the 3 year old's mother is that the liquor store while the wife-beating goat-roper was ed-yew-muh-cat'in the chile. Read on fo a sure nuff giggle y'all!
Baxter Bulletin - -

EDMOND, Okla. (AP) -- Edmond police arrested a 25-year-old man on a first-degree murder complaint in the weekend beating death of a 3-year-old boy.

Jeremy Michael Lakey was arrested Monday night in the death of Damion Michael Brinkley-Dunn, who was found at the apartment Lakey shared with the child's mother, said Edmond Police spokeswoman Glynda Chu.

Paramedics and police were called to the apartment Saturday night after the family reported the child was vomiting and having trouble breathing. The toddler was flown to an Oklahoma City hospital, where he was pronounced dead, Chu said.

The child's mother, Sarah Elise Brinkley, 21, had gone to the liquor store with a friend and left the child at the apartment with Lakey, Chu said.

At least no one got shot ;)

Sure the veep decided to drop in for a while with the same old shit...
"nope no weapons here"
"what war?"
"oh I thought he was screaming at him becuase he thought he was a duck too..."
blah blah
Baxter Bulletin - -

FEMA Federal Emergency Managment Agency or Firey Eruptions Making Acidrain?

Are FEMA trailers ‘toxic tin cans’? - Hurricane Watch -

The gas is formaldehyde, the airborne form of a chemical used in a wide variety of products, including composite wood and plywood panels in the thousands of travel trailers that the Federal Emergency Management Agency purchased after Katrina to house hurricane victims. It also is considered a human carcinogen, or cancer-causing substance, by the International Agency for Research on Cancer and a probable human carcinogen by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Only in the "Natural State".

Arkansas Blog: Tiiimmmberrr!


The City of Little Rock announced today that seven of the trees on the north side of Capital Avenue (adjacent to the Bank of America building) will be removed. These trees are damaged or ailing and pose a potential safety hazard.

“While the City does not announce every time crews have to remove damaged or ailing trees,” noted City Manager Bruce Moore, “these trees are in a highly visible location. The City wanted to ensure the people working along Capital Avenue understood what was being done and why.”

looks like woot got a redesign

Woot : One Day, One Deal

well put.

Wired 14.08: Enter the New Age of DIY

Hacking is a frame of mind – a sensibility, not a skill set.

so you wanna be a UFOlogist eh?

The study of sky phenomena has allways interested me and quit a few others in my small circle of friends. This seems like a good way to go out and catch that pet extra terrestrial I have allways wanted.
to wit:
BBC - h2g2 - How to Conduct a Skywatch - a Guide for Ufology

DIY jewlery.

It never ceases to amaze me just what you can do with spare change and a little effort. This is a hack of a different color!

How to make a Coin Ring

There has got to be a better way.

Looks as though there is; according Trapani who authored this Geek to Live: Control your workday - Lifehacker

true liquid displays!

From the Pink Tentacle :  It looks as if  science  has finally caught up with it's fictional counterpart.  this  is  physics applied in some of the most novel and interesting ways I have ever witnessed! kudos to you Akishma Labs.


Choose Your Own Adventure Bag Free Pattern -

Sure it's fun, it's adventure; until fabrophiles get ahold of it!

filthy, filthy hobbits!

You know who you are out there...

How to Avoid Common Hygiene Mistakes - WikiHow
my pick of the litter:

Wash your hands after using the bathroom. Yes, you might think, "My genitals are clean so I don't have to wash my hands." Wash your hands anyway. If you want other people to wash their hands after using the bathroom, then you should wash yours. Some people leave the stall after defecating and then leave immediately without washing their hands. It's utterly disgusting. And yes, if you use the bathroom and don't wash your hands, your peers who observe this nasty behavior will all talk about you (and not in a good way).

Monday, July 24, 2006

I noticed this too...

Yahoo accounts were out in the U.S. as well.

BBC NEWS | Technology | MySpace shut down by US heatwave

MySpace shut down by US heatwave
User looking at MySpace homepage (Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images)
MySpace is the world's most popular social network
MySpace, the world's most popular networking website, has restarted after being shut down for more than half  out a day following a power cut.

The company blamed the closure on record-breaking heat in Los Angeles where its data servers are held.

Saturday, January 21, 2006 What the Hell Happened?: Comments: "January 03, 2006 What the Hell Happened?

Stumbled across this stunner while doing some research. It's from the October 20, 1999 Dallas Morning News:

Gov. George Bush said he backs a state's right to decide whether to allow medical use of marijuana, a position that puts him sharply at odds with Republicans on Capitol Hill. 'I believe each state can choose that decision as they so choose,' the governor said recently in Seattle in response to a reporter's question.

Chuck Thomas, spokesman for the Marijuana Policy Project, a medical marijuana lobbying group, praised Mr. Bush as 'courageous' and 'consistent on states' rights. I would hope he would be an example for Republicans in Congress.'

Aides said Mr. Bush does not support legalizing marijuana for medical use. But his position supporting state self-determination opens the door to medical marijuana use in some places. President Clinton and most Republican lawmakers, by contrast, oppose all state medical marijuana legalization laws, saying they could lead to abuse.


His position of opposing the medical marijuana but saying states should decide is unique among presidential contenders, Mr. Thomas said.

Two years later, Bush would begin a campaign to send federal SWAT teams into convalescent centers. The paramilitary units would then assert the supremacy of federal drug laws by handcuffing cancer patients, the elderly, and AIDS patients to their beds while putting the barrels of assault weapons against their heads, then ravaging their rooms and belongings for evidence of marijuana.

The Bush administration would also assert the supremacy of federal law all the way to the Supreme Court, resulting in the catastrophic Raich decision, which not only prevented states from setting their own medical marijuana policy, but also effectively killed the Rehnquist court's 'federalism revolution' for good.
Posted by Radley Balko on January 03, 2006 |"

Now This is what I call good journalism! AP Home: "an 21, 1:11 PM EST

E! Reporter Rubs Some Celebs Wrong Way

Associated Press Writer

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Was it playfully outrageous, or just plain offensive? Live from the red carpet at the 63rd annual Golden Globes, E! correspondent Isaac Mizrahi groped Scarlett Johansson's breast, looked down Teri Hatcher's dress, asked Eva Longoria about her pubic hair and otherwise caught celebrities off-guard."

Now this is what I like to see! I downloading it now (via SourceForge) I think this might be a cool laptop install :)

Schneier on Security: Anonym.OS: "Anonym.OS

This seems like a really important development: an anonymous operating system:

Titled Anonym.OS, the system is a type of disc called a 'live CD' -- meaning it's a complete solution for using a computer without touching the hard drive. Developers say Anonym.OS is likely the first live CD based on the security-heavy OpenBSD operating system.

OpenBSD running in secure mode is relatively rare among desktop users. So to keep from standing out, Anonym.OS leaves a deceptive network fingerprint. In everything from the way it actively reports itself to other computers, to matters of technical minutia such as TCP packet length, the system is designed to look like Windows XP SP1. 'We considered part of what makes a system anonymous is looking like what is most popular, so you blend in with the crowd,' explains project developer Adam Bregenzer of Super Light Industry.

Booting the CD, you are presented with a text based wizard-style list of questions to answer, one at a time, with defaults that will work for most users. Within a few moments, a fairly naive user can be up and running and connected to an open Wi-Fi point, if one is available.

Once you're running, you have a broad range of anonymity-protecting applications at your disposal.

Get yours here.

See also this SlashDot thread."

Friday, January 20, 2006

Attention whore-mongers! I have a new cat and his name is Cthulhu. For those of you who do not know who Cthulhu is: The Home Page for Evil And here´s a relevant pic:

Straight from the Jackass´s hole, Johnny Knoxville has reached the lofty echelon of profiteering! The latest installment is where he is doing a ¨Payback Film¨ to atone for all the mindless masturbatory regurgitations that made him an iconoclast for sexualy frustrated pre-teen males everywhere. This turd waiting to hit water has actually attained the backing of the Special Olympics; hell, they are even ADVERTISING IT. What happened to the days when you could make a movie that was not some recycled idea from an 80´s ¨comming of age¨ film that was doomed to obscurity in the first place? Of course, Knoxville has had his moments (e.g. The bottle rockets out the ass made feel fuzzy inside)... but do these people REALLY belive that dragging the moron kicking and screaming from his tiny homoerotic crag at MTV headquarters long enough to prance around with the a bunch of tater-tot lovers for a couple of hours is going to make him into the image that an international organization needs? I think not. Now your probably thinking: ¨Golly, what could be so bad about Knoxville doing this film?¨ Simple. He whored himself out once, and now the only thing to change is his facade. As long a people keep shelling out bucks for this muck, that´s what we will keep getting. Slurp it down bitches, and don´t forget to swallow!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

For those of you who didn't know yet... We are ALL to soon be the proud owners of a new National ID Card ( send your mark of the beast comments to /dev/null). Of course THIS we surly make FAR more secure against terrorism! I mean just the other day I was on my way to class when a turban topped zealot stopped me and asked "Pardon me decadent westerner, which way to the nearest Federal building?". Now I ALMOST told him until when I carded him I noticed that behind the Sentex duct-tapped to him, his wallet not only didn't have a REAL ID but his Al-Queda membership was expired. Naturally I couldn't let this slip past my highly attenuated terror alert yellow ( Terror Alert Level) senses. All I had to do was get the attention of a group of armed guards strip searching someone's grandmother, fill out the appropriate paper work in triplicate, and talk to the translator so he could inform our bomb-wearing antagonist that since he isn't American, his rights will not be tread upon.
LINK: Schneier on Security: REAL ID Harder Than Legislators Thought

Well, after a short absence I am now back to tackle the aimless flopping of your half-ape brains. The reason you ask? I got engaged and had some err... THINGS to keep me busy :) None the less I am back to spoon feed a gallon of sugar coated knowledge into those shot-glass heads of yours! Let the games begin!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

I for one think this kind of crap ( AP Home) is a prime example of the knee-jerk reactionism that all of this Patriot Act paranoia bushiness that's infecting the grassroots of this nation.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Create an e-annoyance, go to jail | Perspectives | CNET "It's illegal to annoy

A new federal law states that when you annoy someone on the Internet, you must disclose your identity. Here's the relevant language.

'Whoever...utilizes any device or software that can be used to originate telecommunications or other types of communications that are transmitted, in whole or in part, by the Internet... without disclosing his identity and with intent to annoy, abuse, threaten, or harass any person...who receives the communications...shall be fined under title 18 or imprisoned not more than two years, or both.'"

How much longer are people going to kowtow to these spiritual snake oil sales reps? Apparently instead of taking responsibility for this fine state, Our governor can now ORDER us to pray, thereby relieving him; because after all, we may not being praying hard enough. :

WHEREAS, Arkansas and many of her sister states are enduring a drought; and

WHEREAS, the lack of rain has led to wildfires and has imperiled the water supplies of many cities and towns; and

WHEREAS, this condition serves as a poignant reminder of our complete reliance on God for even the most basic necessities of life;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Mike Huckabee, acting under the authority vested in me as Governor of the State of Arkansas, call upon the people of our state to pray for rain.
This was a mass faxing sent out on Jan. 09th of 2006. More details to come.

Get off your cross we need the wood. Cant they keep thier money grubbing, guilt-ridden, regurgitations out of everyone's bussiness. Did we forget about seperation of church and state?

An Arkansas Times Blogs post about the "e-word". Why can't people just let it go and accept that just because they come from monkeys does not mean one certain shaven ape has anything to say about it now does it? No. I didn't think so.

Since you have been laden with far too much "content" and "substance", I think now is a perfect time to give you what you and every other red-blooded and jebus-fearing amercian has been asking for; and asked for again in 2004. thank you and Bob bless.

Apparently “Cute cuts through all layers of meaning" So I suppose this *should* break through your thick walled psychies before anyone else gets to you.

This is too good

Cory Doctorow's Literary Works
A nice short story by one of my favorite authors. This piece demonstrate the ideology that so many are un-willing to take upon themselves. For the record, I for one welcome our new truncheon bearing Totalitarian Rulers.

Acording to the NYTimes ( by way of Arkansas Times Blogs)
The big W has done it again!


Crooks flashing fake badges
As if the real cops wear not harassing people enough, we get the benefit of criminals doing it as well. oh joy.

For those of you out there that may miss FNC due to some tree hugging crap like sleep.
News Corp throws everything but kitchen sink at 'digital home' | The Register

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